2018 Open Studio Events

Candlelight Glass will be holding three open studio events during the months of October and November this year.  Dates, times and location are provided below. 

During the Open Studio weekends , we’ve got lots of new glass art for you to see and buy. This year, we’ve added a variety of new sandcarved glasswork to our showroom.  This includes painted and gilded pieces for displaying on shelves or hanging on walls, like this example  of a sandcarved and gilded maple leaf in a 10″ square frame.  We also have a variety of end-tables featuring glass tops that have been sandcarved, painted and gilded using the same process.  If you’ve visited out studio before, you may recall hearing about a process called Drop-Ring where glass is heated in the kiln until it becomes soft enough to drop down through a doughnut shaped mold to form a vessel like a vase or cup.  This year, we’ve taken that technique to new heights to create large vases with heavy bottoms that will easily hold large bouquets of flowers.  The outside of the vases has been sandcarved to create relief imagery similar to cameo glass as in this example.

Of-course, this year, during all of our Open Studio events, we will again be offering our visitors the opportunity to create their own unique piece of glass art by sandblasting a  glass. We’ll have lots of different types of glassware available including water glasses, wine glasses, Pilsner Beer glasses and many others, and a variety of sticker punches and pre-cut stickers available with which to decorate them. You then use our sand blaster to make the design permanent.  Click here to download a flyer that explains more about the process.

We’ve offered this, fun and safe, hands-on, activity during all of our Open Studio events for the last two years and it has proven to be very popular with everyone from kids to seniors. Many people use the opportunity to create Christmas gifts and some people even bring  their own hand cut stencils to create some really amazing works of art.  There is a minor charge to cover the cost of the materials used and we will have experts on hand to help.

We hope you’ll plan a visit to our studio during one or more of our Open Studio weekends.  The second weekend event corresponds to the Washington County Open Studio Tour of which we are a part, and the third weekend event corresponds to the Oregon Glass Guild Open Studio tour of which we are also a part. If you want to maximize your time to visit other studios on those tours, you might consider visiting our studio on the first weekend when we expect it will also be less busy.

Candlelight Glass Open Studio events happen on
Oct 13-14, 2018 from 11am to 5pm
Oct 20-21, 2018 from 11am to 5pm (Wash County Open Studio Tour)
Nov 10-11, 2018 from 10am to 4pm (Oregon Glass Guild Open Studio Tour)
Candlelight Glass (map)
2215 SW 187th Ave.
Aloha, Oregon.

To stay informed about future Open Studio events at Candlelight Glass, please join our mailing list.


Februrary Sandblast Party

Those of you that have visited one of our Open Studio events are no-doubt aware that we give our visitors a chance to try their hand at sandblasting during the show.  This has proven to be a very popular attraction and lots of people have asked us to do it again.  We don’t have any Open Studio events coming up right away, so we’re going to try something new and throw a Sandblast Party.

Candlelight Glass Sandblast Party

Sunday, Feb 11
1:00pm – 5:00pm

Pre-Registration Required

As with our Open Studio events we will be giving people the opportunity to decorate and sandblast their own glassware to create keepsake items or unique gifts, but for the party, we will have some new options available. There will be the usual assortment of wine, beer and water glasses, but we’ll be adding, dinner and desert plates, candle holders and flower vases, including some beautiful colored glassware and maybe a few surprises.  We’ll of-course have the usual assortment of punches available to create designs to put on your glassware, but we’ll also have a bunch of pre-cut stencils featuring a wide variety of fun new patterns to play with. Since our first party will be just before Valentines day, we’ll be sure to include some appropriately themed hearts and cherubs for those of you wanting to create a unique gift for your sweetheart. We’ll even have the ability to make stencils with specific words or names so you can really customize your design.

For the Sandblast Party, we want to be sure we have sufficient materials on hand and time to work with each participant to provide help and guidance, so attendance will be limited to just 12 people.

There is a studio fee of $10 per person that includes the following:

    • All necessary supplies, like tape and stencil material
    • Use of any of our punches for creating stencils
    • A wide variety of pre-cut stencils
    • Use of tools for cutting, weeding and applying stencils
    • Expert instruction and assistance
    • Use of the sandblaster (or we’ll do it for you if you want)
    • Light (non-alcohol) refreshments  and snacks

As described above, we’ll have a wide assortment of clear and colored glassware available for you to decorate and sandblast. Each of the glassware items will be individually priced, including wine glasses for as little as $3 each and most items costing less than $10. Many pre-cut stencils are included in the studio-fee, but we will also offer some larger, or more elaborate, pre-cut stencils and the ability to create custom stencils, like names or initials for a modest additional cost.

This is a fun and safe activity for all ages. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Come alone, make it a date with your valentine or a fun, creative activity with friends or family. However you do it, you’re sure to have a good time. Click here to register and reserve your spot.

If the party idea proves to be as popular as the open studio events have been, we’ll be doing more of them in the future, so don’t despair if you miss this one. Just make sure you’re on our mailing list and you’ll be notified of future opportunities.


Sandblast Saturday at Candlelight Glass

This Saturday, December 2nd is
Sandblast Saturday at
Candlelight Glass 

During our October & November open studio events, people had so much fun sandblasting their own glassware that we’ve decided to do it again, this coming Saturday.

How it Works 

1) You pick out the glassware you want, from a wide variety we have on hand including water, wine and beer glasses ranging in price from just $3 to $5.

2) You decorate your glass using stencils that you make from sticky back vinyl using one of our wide selection of punches including all sorts of animals, leaves, symbols, etc.  If you have some favorite punches of your own, you’re welcome to bring them to use. Some people even hand-cut their own stencils at home and that’s welcome too.

3) You sandblast your glass in our sandblast cabinet.  It’s really fun to do yourself, but if you’d prefer, we can do that part for you.
4) You wash off your glass and remove the stickers and tape.  Everything that was covered will still be clear and everything else will be frosted, making your design permanent.

This is a fun, creative project for all ages and a great family activity.  Some people enjoy it so much that they come back again and again. Bring your spouse and your kids and invite your friends. You’ll all have fun and leave with some special keepsakes for yourself or unique gifts to give away.

The rest of the studio, including our showroom, will be open if you’d like to shop or just ask questions. We’ll also have a selection of pre-sandblasted glassware featuring more complex designs available for purchase and we are happy to consider commission requests for custom glass art, including sandblasted designs or fused glass.

Sandblast Saturday happens on
Dec 2nd, from 10am to 4pm at
Candlelight Glass
2215 SW 187th Ave.
Aloha, Oregon.  (map)

RSVP’s are not required, but if you’re planning to bring a large group or make a large quantity of glassware, please send us a message to let us know how many and what type of glassware so we can be sure to have sufficient quantities on hand.  If you signed up during one of our open studio events, we already have your info.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and having lots of fun on December 2nd.