Radiant Series

All pieces in the Radiant Series feature stripes of color emerging from a central point.  I think of them as being like what one might see at the moment a star explodes, giving birth to a spectrum of color radiating out in all directions.

IMG_2649This 12″ diameter bowl from the Radiant Series was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Bullseye Emerge Exhibition for 2014.  This exhibition, held every two years, is a juried competition sponsored by the Bullseye Glass company with the goal of recognizing and rewarding the work of emerging glass artists.  I was  pleased and honored to have had one of my pieces included as one of the finalists selected from a field of over 300 international entries.

The process of creating these pieces involves first carefully selecting a compatible palette of colors and carefully arranging them to form a fused panel of pleasing linear gradients.  A wet tile saw is then used to cut the panels into a multitude of small pieces which are then re-arranged to create a randomized arrangement of radiant stripes in a circular pattern.  The new assembly is re-fused, cold worked and slumped to give it the desired final finish and shape.