Reflections Series

2014_10_20_3769The Reflections Series name refers to the fact that the pieces in this series all incorporate reflections in one way or another.  In many of the pieces, the reflection is multifaceted and is similar to an image one might see through a kaleidoscope.  Other examples use a simpler form of reflection that approximates the familiar ink blots of a Rorschach test.  Most of the pieces in this series are also semi-transparent which means that they also cast shadows that contain a reflection of the patterns and colors in the glass.

2014_10_20_3760Most, but not all, of the pieces in this series were created using a process known as “drop-ring”.  A drop-ring is a disk, usually ceramic, with a large hole in the center.  A thick glass blank, created using conventional kiln forming processes, is placed on top of the drop ring which is itself elevated above a kiln shelf.  The glass is heated until it softens enough to slump down through the hole in the drop ring and finally touches the kiln shelf.  Depending on the size of the hole and the distance to the kiln shelf, the result is either a bowl or vase shape.  After the glass has been properly annealed and cooled, the collar of glass that remained on top of the drop ring disk is removed and the rim of the remaining vessel is ground and polished.  This process is tricky to control with many opportunities for disaster, but the payoff is a beautiful vessel with no mold marks except at the very bottom where it kissed the kiln shelf.