Here are some pictures from Opening night of my joint show with Ron Bunch at the Chessman Gallery in Lincoln City. I was really pleased with the way that gallery director Krista Eddy coordinated the art and glass work. Ron’s paintings and my glass complemented each other well and Krista made the most of that with her arrangement.

There was a really good turnout for the opening and people were very interested in learning about how the glass was made. I brought along my digital tablet so I was able to show them pictures of the process, including some oh-wow time-lapse videos of what happens inside the kiln during a pattern bar melt or drop ring slump. There was even a sale that happened before the official opening, but even if that’s the only sale, I consider this to have been a very positive experience. If nothing else, I got to see my name painted on the wall and in lights on the sign out front .  

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