Chevron Tapestry Platter with Black Iridized Ends 11-35


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This platter features a pattern in a style that I call Chevron Tapestry. The pattern is created from narrow strips of glass of different colors which are fused together to form a sheet that resembles tapestry. That sheet is then cut diagonally into 3/8″ wide strips. Those strips are then placed side by side with every other strip being inverted, to create a chevron pattern from the tapestry. The chevron tapestry pattern is flanked on either side by red and yellow stripes and the edges of the platter feature a red racing stripe.

The ends of the platter are made of a special black glass that has an iridized coating (also known as irid). Iridization is done at the time the glass is manufactured by spraying a thin metallic coating on the surface of the glass. The irid coating is highly reflective and in this case, is rainbow colored. I have sandblasted to remove a portion of the irid coating, leaving a reflective rainbow colored floral pattern. The irid pattern really catches your eye as light strikes it making the different colors in the coating shimmer.  Unfortunately, it is very hard to photograph, but I’ve done my best to show the irid floral patterns in the photos.

This platter could be used to serve appetizers, Sushi or just as a decorative table centerpiece.

Size: 13 1/4″ long x 3 3/4″ wide x 1 1/4″ high

Weight: 28 oz

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