Copper Blue and Opaline Radiant Bowl 9-151


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This bowl features streaks of Transparent Copper Blue and Translucent Opaline. The streaks all appear to Radiate out from the center which is what gives my Radiant series its name. 

Radiant bowls are created by first cutting narrow strips of glass and standing them on edge to be fused together into a sheet. The particular glass that I used to make the strips for this bowl was Transparent Copper Blue with an infusion of Translucent Opaline. After the sheet of strips has cooled, I cut it into wedge shapes which can be fitted together to create a circle, then fuse them together again. After the round panel has cooled, I grind and polish the edge then slump it into a mold to create the bowl shape.

This bowl can be used functionally or simply placed on a shelf or table to be admired.

Size: 14″ diameter x 3″ high

Weight: 88 oz

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