French Vanilla Platter with Color Inlays 11-27


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The French Vanilla background of this piece consists of light and dark parallel lines that are an interesting artifact of the way that French Vanilla glass is formed during manufacture. As the 1/8″ thick glass cools, it separates into an opaque center with slightly lighter transparent regions on the top and bottom surfaces. When cut into strips and placed on edge, those different regions of the glass appear in the cross section as lighter and darker shades. The color inlays of this platter are made in a style that I call Painterly due to the way  the colors randomly flow and merge into one another like brush strokes. The juxtaposition of the bright colors in the inlays with the neutral French Vanilla background creates a strong contrast that is very striking.

This platter could be used to serve appetizers, Sushi or just as a decorative table centerpiece.

Size: 10 3/4″ long x 4 1/2″ wide x 1″ high

Weight: 24 oz

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