Gas Flame Platter 10-233


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The pattern in this platter reminds me of the look of a natural gas flame, hence the name.

This pattern may look simple, but the process to create it is actually fairly complex.  I start by making four different panels out of thin strips of Black, Blue and Red/Yellow/Orange glasses that are arranged to create gradients of Blues and Reds. Each of the four panels has the gradients in a different, but precise position as required by the pattern I want to create. After the colored strips are fused together, I cut wedge shapes from the panels that are then arranged in a circle to make the undulating pattern that you see in the bowl. There are exactly 36 wedges that go together to create one round disk with a continuous pattern. Every one of those wedges has to be ground and shaped to exactly the correct size and shape so that when all of the wedges are placed together in a circle, there are no gaps or interruptions of the pattern. Once all of the wedges are ready, I fuse them together into a circle, then grind and polish the edge to make it smooth and shiny. The final kiln step is to slump the round disk in a mold to create the platter shape. 

Size: 7 5/8″ diameter x 1″ tall

Weight: 23 oz

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