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This tall Pink Bowl is decorated with a Red Lace pattern made from powdered glass. The Pink lid features a Heart made with Red and White Murrine.

Murrine are small pieces of glass that contain an internal pattern, which in this case, is concentric rings of Red and White glass. Murrine is made using a special kind of kiln called a Vitrigraph. Glass is arranged in a container in the Vitrigraph kiln in a way that will create the intended pattern, then when it gets hot enough to be molten, I draw the glass from the bottom of the kiln to form long rods that are about 1/4″ to 3/8″ diameter. After the rods cool, I cut them into pieces that are each about 1/2″ long to create the Murrine.

The bowl shape was created using a kiln process called Drop Ring. This is a kiln procedure in which a thick disk of glass is placed on top of a flat mold that has a large opening in the center. That mold is raised on posts inside the kiln so that it and the glass disk on top of it are raised several inches above the kiln floor. As the glass disk is heated in the kiln, it eventually becomes soft enough that the portion of it over the hole in the mold starts to sink down through the hole. As it does so, the glass from the disk stretches into a bowl shape. When the glass stretches out far enough to reach the bottom of the kiln, it flattens out to form a flat bottom on the bowl. At this point, I open the kiln to rapidly cool the glass to the point where it will stop moving, then close it again to allow the glass to continue cooling and anneal in a controlled fashion so it will be strong. 

After the glass has cooled to room temperature, it is removed from the mold, but there is still a portion of the original disk attached at the top of the bowl, which I call the collar. The collar is cut off using a Wet Tile Saw, then I grind and polish the rim where the collar was removed to remove the saw marks and return it to a pristine surface.

This bowl would make a good candy dish, a container for precious items or just a beautiful decoration to admire.

Size: 4 5/8″ diameter x 4 1/2″ tall

Weight: 26 oz