Pink and Blue Convergence Bowl 9-177


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This bowl features a combination of Pink and three shades of Blue, mixed with Clear. The inside perimeter of the bowl is Glacier Blue which dissolves into a background for the colorful interior, becoming clear in the center. The effect of the colorful center against the light blue background is suggestive of a fireworks explosion going off in the sky. The outside is composed of the same pinks and blues, mixed with Clear over the Blue background of the interior providing a lot of visual interest with layers of overlapping colors.

Convergent bowls are created by first arranging multiple layers of glass in a circle that is open in the center. The circle of glass is constrained by a stainless steel ring that prevents it from flowing outward, so when the glass is heated, the layers melt down and the glass flows to fill in the open area in the center. As the glass flows, it mixes to form beautiful random patterns, which all eventually converge in the center, which is what gives this series its name. The selection and arrangement of the original glass layers sets the stage for the patterns that are formed as the glass flows, but there is always an element of surprise as gravity, heat, surface tension and fluid dynamics combine to create the final result.

This bowl can be used functionally or simply placed on a shelf or table to be admired.

Size: 10″ diameter x 3 1/4″ high

Weight: 40 oz

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