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This bowl was created using a technique known as Pattern Bars. There are a lot of different ways to make pattern bars, but the concept is essentially the same for all of them. Various colors of glass are fused together to create a pattern. In some cases, the arrangement of colors in the pattern bar is very linear or geometric, while in others, like the pattern bar used to make this bowl, it is fluid and abstract. Once the pattern bar has been fused and cooled, it can then be cut into thin slices which can be arranged to form regular repeating samples of the original pattern.

The pattern bar that I created to make this bowl was triangular in shape, so each slice that I cut from it was also a triangle. Successive slices of the pattern bar were placed next to one another so their like edges touched to form a mirrored image. I repeated that process to form a kaleidoscopic square. Placing multiple such squares together creates an even larger kaleidoscopic pattern. Once the pattern arrangement was large enough, I fused all of the triangles together, then cut the resulting panel to form a circle. The edge of the circle was ground and polished, then the round disk was slumped into a mold to create the bowl shape.

Size: 11″ diameter x 2 1/4″ tall

Weight: 58 oz

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