Transparent Rainbow Braid Platter 10-235


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This platter is composed of transparent Red, Blue and Green strips in a simulated three color braid pattern. Each strip actually consists of a gradient of four different shades of Red, Blue or Green  which gives a rainbow effect. The gaps between the color strips are filled with translucent white squares and the edges of the piece are open.  The top surface of the platter is intentionally uneven where higher and lower areas serve to separate the color stripes and the white squares. This gives the piece a very pleasant tactile feel, but doesn’t prevent it from being used as a functional piece if desired.

The transparency and color gradients in this piece make it particularly striking when backlit or placed in a window. (Note: Stand is not included)

Size: 8″ long x 8″ wide x 1″ high

Weight: 30 oz

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