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This platter features twisted vines of Red, Green, Yellow and Orange with each color outlined by a thin line of black. The green glass includes some Aventurine Green which gives this piece some added sparkle.  The twisted vines were created using a special type of kiln called a Vitrigraph. Glass is arranged in a container in a Vitrigraph kiln, then hand-drawn from the bottom of the kiln when it becomes molten.

The pieces pulled from the kiln are called “cane” and by twisting the cane as it is drawn, I am able to cause the different colors to spiral around one another. Once the canes are cooled, they are cut to length, then fused together to form a sheet which is again cut into pieces that are fused together to form the “window” areas of the platter. There are black separators between the windows and around the perimeter to frame the platter. I’ve also used thin strips of the vine panel to serve as a racing stripe around the edge as an accent.

This platter is slightly concave with a flat bottom. It can be used functionally, as a table centerpiece, or placed in a stand to be admired.

Size: 7 1/2″ long x 6 1/2″ wide x 7/8″ high

Weight: 25 oz

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