Creation of new works of art glass has been on hold for much of the last year as I work on building a new studio in which to create. The new studio is progressing well and should be ready for use by spring of 2016. I’ve had lots of ideas for new works and am looking forward to getting back to making glass art.

The new studio will be in a pole building next to my home. The building will be divided into a studio space of about 1380 square feet and a garage/storage space of about 1000 square feet. The outside shell of the building is now complete and I am in the process of building the interior.  

This photo shows the dividing wall I am building to separate the studio area, in back, from the garage/storage area in front. The wall will be insulated so the studio space can be heated/cooled with doing the same for the garage. I’m looking forward to being able to work in the new studio during all seasons.

I am hoping to be able to participate in the Oregon Glass Guild Open Studio event after the studio is completed in November of 2016 so everyone can visit my new space. Please sign up on my mailing list if you’d like to be notified of the Open Studio event.


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