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Convergence Collection

When glass gets hot enough, it softens and begins to move which is what makes glass fusing possible. That process begins at about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Between about 1500 and 1600 degrees, it turns into a viscous liquid that stretches and flows. The pieces in this collection were all designed to capitalize on that movement of the glass.

Pre-made glass components and select pieces of sheet glass are are arranged in a circle with an open center. When heated, the glass will flow and the different parts of the glass arrangement will stretch and mix to form patterns and streaks of color.  A stainless steel ring surrounds the glass to prevent it from flowing outwards, so all of the movement is directed towards the open interior of the circle. Eventually, all of the glass flows converge in the center which is what gives this collection its name.  The key factor that determines the outcome is the composition of the original glass arrangement. Through careful attention to the choice of color combinations, the use of pre-made components, and placement of those elements, it’s possible to achieve some truly beautiful results.

Most Convergence pieces become bowls of various shapes and sizes, however there is a special subset that remains flat so that it can be displayed as wall art or in a stand where either side can be featured. Their appearance changes dramatically depending on which side is being viewed and whether the light source is in front or behind them. These pieces are called Time Portals because it is believed that by focusing your attention on a Time Portal, you can be transported to another time and place. 

Warning: Time Travel is inherently risky and should not be undertaken lightly. Use with caution. The Artist accepts no responsibility for mishaps that may occur when using a Time Portal, including, but not limited to the following:

– Arrival at a different time and place than was intended.

– Arrival at a time and place that is hazardous to your health or safety.

– Paradoxical disruptions to the timeline which may preclude your existence.

– Damage or loss of Time Portal at destination thereby preventing your return.