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Woven Collection

Designs in this collection are inspired by Weaving of one type or another.

For example, a number of the pieces in this collection were inspired by the types of patterns used in Native American Basketry. Each of the Basket Weave pieces begins life as a set of four pattern sheets. Each pattern sheet contains one of the four different color arrangements that are required for the finished pattern. The pattern sheets are subsequently cut into 36  wedges of glass that are fitted together to form the circular patterns. Each wedge must be cut to a precise size so that when all of the wedges are combined, they form a complete circle with no gaps.

Another form of Weaving is the Braid wherein a few strands of different colors are repeatedly overlapped to form a simple pattern. The Braided works in this collection are constructed with color bars where each bar contains a gradient of four different shades of a single color; Red, Green or Blue. The color bars aren’t literally braided, but are instead cut and placed in a way that simulates braiding. Spaces between the “braided” color bars are filled in with a background color of Black or White, but near the edge, the spaces are sometimes left unfilled in order to create an Open or Frayed Edge.