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Radiant Collection

All of the works in the Radiant collection are similar to those in the Convergence collection in that streaks of color all meet in the center of the piece. However, the processes used to create the works in these two collections have almost nothing in common.  The Radiant series was developed first and is the technique for which I am most recognized.  The collection was named for the fact that all of the streaks of color in the works appear to “Radiate” out from the center. This is in contrast to my newest collection, Convergence, where the process causes the streaks of color to “Converge” in the center. Even though both collections have this common characteristic of meeting in the center, the pieces have entirely different looks and there is no mistaking one for the other.

The Radiant collection is based on a technique I developed where I first create pattern sheets from narrow strips of glass, then cut those sheets into wedges that can be arranged to create a circle which is then fused back together. I’ve found a number of combinations of glass colors that give the best results with this technique. The most popular is one I call Rainbow Radiant where I use a wide palette of colors, carefully arranged, in the initial pattern sheet that leads to a radiant piece with a riot of color exploding out from the center of the piece. Another popular combination is when I mix a transparent color like Turquoise Blue or Amber with an opaque color like French Vanilla or White. In some cases, such as when mixing Turquoise Blue with French Vanilla, the two colors react with one another to create a third color that adds to the interest of the piece.