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Symmetry Collection

Designs in this collection are all based on the concept of reflections or symmetry.  

Some of the pieces exhibit 2-fold symmetry, meaning that they have two halves which are mirror images of one another, or in some cases, multiple instances of 2-fold symmetry in a single piece. There are a multitude of examples of 2-fold symmetry in nature, including the human body, which may be why people find it so appealing. A familiar man made example of 2-fold symmetry is the Ink Blot known as a Rorschach Diagram or Test, named for its inventor, psychologist Hermann Rorschach. The pieces in this collection that exhibit 2-fold symmetry remind me of those ink blots and are therefore referred to as Rorschach Panels.

Other works in this collection exhibit four-fold, six-fold or even higher orders of symmetry. This kind of symmetry is familiar to most people as something they might see in a Kaleidoscope where the number of mirrors in the Kaleidoscope determines the number of reflections and therefore the order of the symmetry. For this reason, the items in this collection with symmetry orders higher than two are referred to as being Kaleidoscopic.